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Button Head Socket Bolt

Button head socket cap screws are also known as round head or dome head socket screws. They are manufactured with a smooth, slightly rounded dome at the head, which tends to be somewhat larger and more bulbous than standard cap screw varieties.

Often, this means that a button head socket screw can accommodate a larger gauge of hex key or driver, and thus can be affixed with more torque to achieve greater clamping forces.

Size Range
Diameter M8 to M22
Length 50mm to 175mm
Technical Specifications
dPbds (max)ds (min)dk ((max)dk (min)k (max)k (min)s (Nom)s (max)s (min)t (min)
M 30.51832.865.75.41.651.4022.0802.0201.04
M 40.72043.827.607.242.201.952.52.582.521.3
M 50.82254.829.509.142.752.5033.0803.0201.56
M 612465.8210.5010.
M 81.252887.7814.0013.574.44.155.1405.0202.6
M 101.532109.7817.5017.
M 121.75361211.7321.0020.486.606.2488.1758.0254.16
M 162441615.7328.0027.488.808.441010.17510.0255.2

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