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CSK Socket Bolt

Also known as a flat-head screw, a countersunk screw is a type of screw that's designed to rest flush with the object or surface in which it's inserted. They are called “countersunk screws” because they “sink” into objects and surfaces. They feature a flat head that tapers along the shaft

Size Range
Diameter M10 to M22
Length 50 mm to 175 mm
Technical Specifications
SizePitch (Coarse Thread)d2 (max)d1 (min)t (ref.)t (min)r (max)S (nom)
M 30.56.725.541.71.100.682
M 40.78.967.532.31.550.852.5
M 50.811.209.432.82.050.853
M 61.013.4411.343.32.251.024
M 81.2517.9215.
M 101.522.4019.225.53.801.706
M 121.7526.8823.126.54.352.568
M 142.030.8026.527.04.702.5610
M 162.033.6029.017.54.802.5610
M 182.540.3236.058.58.443.4112
M 203.040.4238.514.09.873.4114

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