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Oval Neck Track Bolt

Track bolts, also called fang bolts or rail anchor bolts, are used to fix steel rails and rail chairs to rail ties, or to fasten rail joints to link rails. The track bolt is a bolt inserted through a hole in rail tie with a fanged nut that embeds into the lower surface of the tie. In general, the size of track bolts varies from requirements of the rail sections.

Size Range
Diameter 3/4" to 1-3/8"
Length 4" to 20"
Technical Specifications
SizePdk (max)dk (min)ds (max)ds (min)s (max)s (min)k (max)k (min)b (max)b (min)F (max)F (min)
M 243464324.823.6425.7252018504432.530.5
M 222.5434022.821.623.7232018453930.528
M 202.53936.520.519.722211715413526.424.4

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