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Foundation Bolts

 A foundation bolt is a steel product in the form of a rod with a threaded part; consists of a metal rod and a special device that holds the foundation bolt inside the foundation. It is used for fastening structures in the construction of residential buildings, industrial buildings, roads, etc. 

Size Range
Diameter 1/2" to 2"
Length 6" to 48"
Technical Specifications
M 10 x P 1.5102540
M 12 x P 1.75123250
M 16 x P 2.0164063
M 20 x P 2.5205080
M 22 x P 2.5225790
M 24 x P 3.02463112
M 27 x P 2.52768122
M 30 x P 3.53080140
 M 3636100160
M 4242121200
M 4848137.5224

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