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Hex Head Bolt

As the name implies, these bolts feature a hexagonal head or a hex head, that is suitable for tightening with a wrench or socket. A hex bolt may be fully threaded or may feature an unthreaded shoulder. Hex bolts are often used to fasten wood to wood, metal to wood, or metal to metal

Size Range
Diameter Inch : 5/16"to 2"
Metric : M8 to M42
Length Metric: 20 mm to 300 mm
Inch : 7/8" to 12"
Technical Specifications
Tensile StrengthSize RangeEquivalent Standards
Property ClassDiameterLength
60000 to 174000400 to 12004.6 to 12.9M8 to M425/16“ to 2"20 mm to 300 mm7/8" to 12"1364-1 1363-14014 40169311083B18.2.1B1186

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